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Hailing from Westbrook, Maine, artist Matt Donahue truly has a passion for the abstract art to which he has devoted his life. Matt has constructed makeshift studios everywhere from his own living room and friends’ basements where he lived to the addition built on a garage in 1985 that continues to serve its purpose today. Working with mostly oils on canvas, he has been known to also use pencils and pastels. Matt has nearly 1500 pieces in various states and countries that have exclusively been sold through word of mouth. For the first time we are attempting to share Matt’s beautiful gift and passion for the rest of the world to enjoy. After seeing just a few pieces, even the art-illiterate will have no problem identifying these as unique and impressive.

Matt with Bob & Brett Brown

at the Basketball Hall of Fame Induction 2014.

Maine Basketball Hall of Fame

Matt Donahue was inducted into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014. Matt was a prolific scorer at Westbrook High School amassing a career total of 1513 points in the pre- three- point era. He was a first team All-state player his junior and senior seasons. He set the Westbrook single game scoring record with 57 points his senior season. His team lost the state Championship to Caribou on Mike Thurston’s last second shot. Matt continued his career at USM where he averaged over 25 ppg. and set several scoring records.

For your listening enjoyment above is a cover track by Mike Donahue

Matt and Bob and Brett Brown.jpg
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